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Shenzhen Main Luck Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a joint venture created by China National Accord Medicines Co., Ltd., SANLI Holdings Co., Ltd. and Main Life Co., Ltd. (Hongkong) in 1990. As a platform converging advanced technologies in the pharmaceutical industry, Main Luck keeps up with the rapid advances in international medicine development and takes innovation and efficiency as its fundamental. Growing by 30% annually during the last decade, it has developed into a leading company in the field by comprehensively ranking among the top domestic pharmaceutical companies in the oncology field.

Being one of the earliest anticaner medicine manufacturers, Main Luck introduced Japanese GMP management into its quality management system, as well as imported dedicated equipments and instruments from USA, Netherland, Japan, Switzerland and Germany to build up a quality center and establish a sound quality management system. Therefore Main Luck was one of the first companies obtaining Chinese GMP certificate, as well as one of the first obtaining Chinese current GMP2010 certificate.

Up to date, Main Luck’s product list includes a series of national new products such as Pirarubicin, Aclarubicin, Doxorubicin, Daunorubicin, Docetaxel, Vincristine, Bleomycin, Lastet, Mesna, Iphosphamide, holding a production capacity of 5 million vials of lyophilized powder for injection, 50 million vials of small volume solution, 10 million capsules and APIs with hi-tech and hi-standard.

By cooperating with well-known domestic and overseas research institutes, such as Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of Meteria Medica, Sichuan Industrial Institute of Antibiotics, National Pharmaceutical Engineering Research Center, USA Vanderbilt University, Japan Kumamoto University, Japan Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd. etc., Main Luck is moving forward to genetically engineered drugs, adjuvant drugs for cancer treatment and some more advanced areas, targeting to the hi-tech and world’s leading new products, monoclonal antibodies; and is developing controlled-release microspheres, liposome and colon targeted drug delivery system, hence progress technologies and upgrade the products in the industry. Now, Main Luck has developed itself from a specialized manufacturer to a comprehensive company with diversified business of pharmaceutical R & D, manufacturing, marketing and distribution.

For the purpose of "Insistently promote and contribute to the development of Human Health Care" Main Luck established a service network with qualified academic supports all over the country and built up a bridge and link between the company and its customers. It reqularly calls and participates high-level national and international academic seminars to share and exchange latest medical information, and joins hands with domestic and overseas oncological specialists to conduct multi-center clinic trials and study the frontier medical subjects. Meanwhile it also cooperates with key academic journals to share information of new medical treatments and latest research results. By building up all these platforms, Main Luck has contributed greatly to the development of the field.

Base on the increasing sales in domestic, Main Luck has scheduled to explore overseas markets with high quality products. So far, the products had been exported to Vietnam, and will enter into Pakistan soon.

Using all sorts resources efficiently, creating value and serve the society, gathering elites in the industry, sticking to the cutting-edge of medicine development and holding a specialized academic sales network, all the above are the core competitiveness of Main Luck. With that, Main Luck strategizes to be an international competitive group and to reward the shareholders, employees and to contribute to the society.

Concern for life and health, concern with Main Luck.

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