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Bleomycin hydrochloride for injection (BLM) is a kind of antitumor antibiotic which is developed by Professor H. Umezawa of Micro-biochemistry Research Center of Japan. The main ingredients are A2 and B2. It was proved by Doctor Tokuji Ichikawa and other clinical researchers to have quite well therapeutic effect in curing scale cell carcinoma such as carcinoma cutaneum, pate cancer, lung cancer, esophageal carcinoma and also malignant lymphoma. Different from other anticancer drugs, bleomycin has lighter by-effect especially the loss of leukocytes. Collaborating with Doctor H. Umezawa, Nippon Shinyaku Co Ltd developed bleomycin and got the exclusive right to produce and marketing it. Nowadays, the drug is widely used in more than 80 countries all around the world and becomes one of the basic drugs in curing tumors. It has the following predominance features: 1. it is general medicine in the world with par excellent therapy effect and few secondary actions. It is mainly applied in the therapy of many cancers such as scale cell carcinoma, malignant lymphoma, reproductive system tumor, pleural fluid and so on, with par excellent therapy effect, lighter bone marrow depressing and lower by-effect. It is indicated in the utendus experiences of counties all around the world For more than 40 years, that comparing with pingyangmycin, patient using bleomycin may seldom have fever and non fatal allergic response while using pingyangmycin inner country, the fatal allergic response occurred frequently. Moreover, bleomycin also has predominant therapy effect to cancer exudation and was licensed by the FDA of America as one of the parvus drugs in curing cancer exudation. 2. bleomycin drugs is quite low price and little dosage in each course of treatment, so the expense in the treatment is very low. The price is equal to pingyangmycin, that is, pingyangmycin charges 148.5 Yuan per ramus (8 mg) while bleomycin charges 239 Yuan per ramus (15 mg). The expense is quite similar in isodosage and isopotency. But to cure solid tumors, we can use only one ramus of bleomycin, apparently, the expense is extremely low.

For the par excellent therapy effect, few secondary actions and low price, the bleomycin produced by Nippon Shinyaku Co Ltd is widely accredited by domestic clinicians and patients since 1995, when induced to our country and marketed by our corporation.

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