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Hydroxycamptothecine (HCPT), a kind of micromount alkaloid abstracted from camptotheca acuminate—a kind of typical macrophanerophytes in China, is the most effective anticancer compound in the 20 monomers abstracted from camptotheca acuminate. The anticancer mechanism of it is unique, that is, it interferes the clone of DNA through repressing to poismerase Ⅰelectively. So it has the feature of high performance and low toxicant and has broad-spectrum anticancer effect. Moreover, it does not have cross tolerance with other general all purpose anticancer drugs and it even can be effective to tumors having resistance to many other drugs. Being applied in clinical in curing carcinoma of bladder, rectal cancer, liver cancer, gastric cancer, ovarian cancer, leukemia and pate tumor etc, we got good therapy effect. The effective power of curing late state malignant cancers is only as follows : colorectal cancer at 33.3 percent, non-small cell lung cancer at 13.6 percent and nasopharyngeal carcinoma at 16.7 percent. It is a breed of "Catalogue of National Essential Medical Insurance Drugs"also.

In recent several years, our corporation have made great technological innovation in dosage form, technique and quality specification of hydroxycamptothecine, and successively developed the new form: freeze drying powder needle, and first went on sale with the name "Danxi" at March, 2001.

Feature of the products:
  1. We have improved quality specification, deploy the method "HPLC" standard, and finally achieved to the international procession detection level.
  2. We have improved cleansing technology and make the fineness of the crude drug from 85 percent to 98 percent.
  3. We have improved the prescription, which it more reasonable. Nnow we are applying for the national patent (NO. CN 1376468A)
  4. We have improved the stability of the product by change the form into lyophilized powder for injection .

"Daxi" gained the " Guangdong Excellent New Products of Medicine industry 2002 " and then "China key new product in 2002" awarded by National Economy and Commerce Committee for its new technique dosage and high quality. According to the measure to all hydroxycamptothecine including Daxi in the market of the fineness and dopant by the national kola institution--Drug and Biologic Product Standardization of China, Daxi is better than others in fineness and alien matters controlling. It is indicated in the report about "application of Daxi in earlier clinical research" of the treatment and prevention center of Zhongshan University, the depot of national anti-tumor drugs researching, that Daxi has certain therapy effect using little dosage and with low expense. It cost only about the one half of fluid acupuncture preparation, so it can cut down the economic load of the patients and may have a grate social effects.

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