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Lastat (LAS), or called as, etoposide, epiopodophyllotoxin or VP-16, is the only imported capsule of this breed. It is a breed of “Catalogue of National Essential Drugs” and “Catalogue of National Essential Medical Insurance Drugs”. Etoposide is a kind of anti-tumor drugs which is extracted from podophyllotoxin and treated with chemical synthesis in 1996. It is mainly applied in small cell lung cancer and malignant lymphoma. Its capsule is produced by Nippon Shinyaku Co Ltd, who holds the patent to produce. It is the only corporation in the world to produce this drug of 25 mg specification. Etoposid began to be used in clinical therapy in 1971 and received the FDA license of America in 1983. It is one of the most favorite young anti-tumor drugs currently all around the world. Etoposide is of anti-cancer spectrum, and is effective to malignant blood disease or many kinds of solid tumors. Except this, it can be for oral using, which make it possible to cure tumor in out-patient clinic. It is indicated by some experiments that the anti-neoplasmic activity of etoposide is time dependence. When the total dose is the same, it is more effective to cure in little dose and long time rest and for several times than just once. it is shown by Clinical experiments that use etoposide at 25 mg per time and three times a day for oral use, may get excellent therapy effect with few side effects in curing malignant lymphoma and leukemia. This method is quite suitable to those patients of high years or patients in bad general state or in the late state of illness or drug resistant. It is especially suitable for continuous oral using in small dose, and there’s no idem etalon drugs in the market till now.

Etoposide made by Nippon Shinyaku Co Ltd is sold to tens of countries all around the word such as Asia, Europe and so on. In 1993, it landed china and became the earliest capsule preparation. Since 1995, when we collaborated with association of anticancer drags of Japan to develop China market, this productive has gained grate identification of the clinicians and patients for sound effect. Patients can have chemotherapy in out-patient clinic, so the therapy effect improves with lower side effect.

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